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Color therapy is based on the premise that certain colors are infused with healing energies that promote balance in the mind and body.  

Symbolizes the vital force, energy, passion, courage and action. It is associated with leadership, power, the will and the body. Spontaneity, impulsiveness and the instinctual sexual forces are it’s qualities. It stimulates activity, intensity and extroversion. Red brings out the revolutionary and leads us into affirmative thought and action . Wear red when you need to strengthen your resolve or pursue something you want.

Symbolizes the mental force, clarity, perception, understanding and wisdom.
Confidence, curiosity and practical application of wisdom are it’s qualities. Humor and mental detachment make yellow significant for bringing new life to ways of thinking and seeing. Wearing yellow and gold tones brings a rich meaning to your activities. It always seems to bring crystallization to events and issues.

Symbolizes the social force, emotions, attractiveness, joy and independence. Self assuredness, amiability and constructiveness are it’s qualities. Orange is about spreading joy and happiness and giving emotional pleasure. It helps become free of inhibitions and lightens the mood.

Symbolizes the balancing forces, peace, compassion and renewal. Moderation, harmony, nurturing and diplomacy are it’s qualities. It calms the energies and prevails over excess. Like nature it can draw away energy from being too physical or mental and introduce a stillness that produces a contemplative atmosphere. Relaxation issues from it. Wearing green increases the sense of wonder, and brings to you that let it be feeling.

Symbolizes the intuitive force, dreams, the unconscious and the invisible.
Associated with it the powers of mental telepathy, empathy and imagination. Deja vu, knowing what will happen before it happens and that sense of being connected to a unifying nature are the qualities of indigo. It is a color of those who intuit a deeper truth . It has a mysterious quality of the deep sea. It draws you in like the reflection of the moon on the water.

Symbolizes the communicative force, speech, messages and ideas. It relaxes and opens the mind to share thoughts and ideas. Idealism, sincerity, mental empathy and relaxation are associated with blue. It brings out affection, loyalty and inspiration. it is the color of friendship and develops that unconditional bonding. the color inspires trust and steadiness.

Symbolizes purity, union, truth and innocence. It’s qualities are cleanliness, self sacrifice and beginnings. Purity essentially opens us to the deeper levels of existence and renews the souls experience of the moment. Holiness and divinity in it’s feminine aspects are associated with white. It omits the presence of self from the event and takes on what there is to learn from it.

Symbolizes the creative force, beauty, inspiration and artistry. Energetically violet inspires the receptive soul to express itself in art, music, spiritual ideals and
selfless acts of love. It is the universal call to excellence that inspires great things and works of art. Violet brings a soft, ethereal quality to the one wearing it and it’s subtlety and fineness have a strong presence invoking the higher virtues in life.

Symbolizes freshness, the pristine and unspoiled, vigor and movement. Vivacious and dramatic in a refreshing way. Confidence, strength and strong individualism bordering on eccentricity are associated with aqua. When someone wears aqua they are really excited about life and the humor of it all. Fearless and creative the color encourages a festive and celebratory mood. It’s close association with water conjures the more emotional qualities of fun, letting go and joy.

Symbolizes love of spirit, the primordial yearning towards the essence. Meaning, purpose, awe and spiritual love are it’s qualities. All quests of the heart are associated with the color gold. Wealth of spirit conjure gold.
Gold has an ancient connection to the hearts desire for power and spiritual mysteries. Gold conjures the beautiful sculptures of the civilizations known for mystic powers, high mathematics and profound sciences. Gold is the color of attainment and profound concentration.

Symbolizes the earth, nurturing, contented sensuality and productivity. Passive,
sensual, fertile and generous qualities are associated with brown. Wearing brown has an assured feeling of being very grounded in and belonging to feeling.Sensuality at it’s deepest roots is conjured by the infinite hues and tones of brown.

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