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I believe we are all creative in some way, I have been creative my whole life experimenting with many different mediums. 

My art work is of the digital medium, Fractals and photography.
I like the freedom digital art gives me to explore colors, patterns, layers and forms. 
Starting with a blank canvas and just go with it. I have no expectations just a love of art.

I design some graphic work part time for others. 

I can be found on Zazzle and fineartamerica selling my artwork online.

You can purchase my art on many different products
like prints, i phone cases, i pad cases, mugs, necklaces, cards, lamps, pillows and many other products.

if you see any artwork you like but it is not on a product or print please email me and i will be happy to add it for you asap. 

if you love to design and create art and would like to sell your artwork you should check out the links above.

If you visit my zazzle store and do not see the art you like on a product you want let me know i will add it. 
Most of the items can be personalized or customized with your text or photo, and you can also create your own unique gifts.

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